The law in relation to fatal accidents     This blog aims to provide a resource for all those involved in fatal accident litigation, whether it be as a dependant or a litigator. This section provides a brief overview of the law in relation to fatal accidents. See the links section on the side of […]

On the 8th February 2023 I am presenting a webinar  “Understanding the Law Relating to Fatal Accidents”.  Booking details are available here.  THE WEBINAR This webinar takes you through the essential elements you have to consider before you can advise whether a claim for fatal accident damages can be brought. It covers:- THE SERIES This webinar […]

Together with solicitor Hilary Wetherell we are presenting a series of five seminars on fatal accident law and litigation. These take you through seeing the client for the first time, understanding the law relating to fatal claims, preparing a Schedule, avoiding procedural and other pitfalls. The series concludes on the important topic of understanding the […]

There are a series of four webinars in June 2022 on key aspects of fatal accident litigation and damages. Looking at recent cases, the child claimant and fatal accidents, damages in anticipation of death and avoiding the pitfalls of fatal accident litigation. (T RECENT CASES IN FATAL ACCIDENT LITIGATION: WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THEM? […]

In Paramount Shopfitting Company Ltd v Rix [2021] EWCA Civ 1172 the Court of Appeal rejected a defendant’s appeal in relation to the assessment of damages awarded to a widow. The widow’s husband had run a successful business.  The fact that it had continued to prosper after his death did not impact upon the award that was […]

Alongside solicitor Hilary Wetherell I am presenting a day long course: Fatal Accidents: Law, Practice, Procedure and Compassion 2021.  It is an online course on the 12th November 2021.  Booking details are available here. THE COURSE This one day virtual course will take you through every element of a fatal accident claim, with particular emphasis on the compassionate […]

To help 2021 run smoothly  for our members I am presenting a series of webinars in February and March on the theme of “staying safe” in the running of personal injury cases. The webinars look at key areas of practice and procedure, examine where any why things go wrong and then how to avoid problems. […]

There have been several features on this blog about the problems that insolvency causes to personal injury litigants. Both in terms of the claimant being bankrupt and also the difficulties in pursuing insolvent defendants.  These issues are looked at in detail in a webinar on the 29th January 2021 “Insolvency and the Personal Injury Litigator”. […]

I am giving a webinar on the 8th December 2020.  I wanted to look at the particular issues facing a child claimant in a fatal accident case.   There are quite complex principles governing the losses involved.  Booking details are available here. THE WEBINAR This webinar looks at the particular problems and issues faced by a child […]

Normally at this time of year I get together with Hilary Wetherell to present a one day course on fatal accidents.  There are obvious difficulties with giving  lectures this year. We are instead  series of webinars on the key issues relating to fatal accident litigation and damages. FATAL ACCIDENTS: SEEING THE CLIENT FOR THE FIRST TIME, PREPARING […]

  INCREASE IN FATAL ACCIDENT BEREAVEMENT AWARD FROM TODAY: A FEW THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT THE BEREAVEMENT AWARD ct 2020 has increased to £15,210.  However that increase only applies where the cause of action accrues on or after 1st May 2020. It has no relevance to ongoing cases, see The Damages for Bereavement (Variation of Sum) […]