The law in relation to fatal accidents     This blog aims to provide a resource for all those involved in fatal accident litigation, whether it be as a dependant or a litigator. This section provides a brief overview of the law in relation to fatal accidents. See the links section on the side of […]

I am giving a webinar on the 8th December 2020.  I wanted to look at the particular issues facing a child claimant in a fatal accident case.   There are quite complex principles governing the losses involved.  Booking details are available here. THE WEBINAR This webinar looks at the particular problems and issues faced by a child […]

Normally at this time of year I get together with Hilary Wetherell to present a one day course on fatal accidents.  There are obvious difficulties with giving  lectures this year. We are instead  series of webinars on the key issues relating to fatal accident litigation and damages. FATAL ACCIDENTS: SEEING THE CLIENT FOR THE FIRST TIME, PREPARING […]

  INCREASE IN FATAL ACCIDENT BEREAVEMENT AWARD FROM TODAY: A FEW THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT THE BEREAVEMENT AWARD ct 2020 has increased to £15,210.  However that increase only applies where the cause of action accrues on or after 1st May 2020. It has no relevance to ongoing cases, see The Damages for Bereavement (Variation of Sum) […]

This blog has a series of useful links in relation to bereavement, however Leeds Bereavement Forum has prepared a truly comprehensive list of resources in relation to bereavement and Covid-19.  That list is available here. THE LIST The list is particularly important in that it concentrates upon a large number of resources available in relation […]

On the 6th April 2020 I am presenting a webinar “The Key Cases in Fatal Accident Dependency Claims” – concentrating upon the assessment of damages in fatal accident cases.      THE WEBINAR The means of assessment of fatal accident damages is not set out in the Fatal Accident Act, but is set out in […]

Alongside solicitor and partner in Irwin Mitchell Hilary Wetherell I am speaking at the APIL day-long courses on fatal accidents in November and December this year, in London, Manchester and Bristol.  Our emphasis is on practical knowledge and application of that knowledge, alongside compassionate client care. “Stimulating, scintilating and inspiring on what is a very difficult and […]

  There is, I suppose, no point in having a blog if you can’t tell people about your own books.  The 4th edition of the Guide to Fatal Accidents is out and in (at least one) shop window.  As well as being updated, there are new chapters on multipliers, avoiding the common pitfalls of fatal […]

The government is, at long last, putting forward a draft remedial order to amend Section 1A of the Fatal Accidents Act 1976.  This would allow cohabitees, who have been living together for more than two years, to recover the statutory bereavement payment.   THE STATUTORY BEREAVEMENT PAYMENT The bereavement payment is only available to a very […]

I am presenting a webinar on avoiding the pitfalls in fatal accident claims on the 29th March 2019, 1 – 2 pm. It is designed to look at those areas of fatal accident litigation where a lawyer can be negligent, or run into significant problems. ISSUES TO BE COVERED Important issues prior to death, the […]

The law of limitation for  Fatal Accidents Act claims for children is often misunderstood.    Here we look at the limitation period in relation to fatal accident claims and children.  There are two issues: the limitation period when any of the dependants are children: the limitation period when it is a child who has been […]