I am giving a webinar on the 8th December 2020.  I wanted to look at the particular issues facing a child claimant in a fatal accident case.   There are quite complex principles governing the losses involved.  Booking details are available here.


This webinar looks at the particular problems and issues faced by a child who has suffered the loss of parents or carers.  It looks at the position when children are the sole claimants, have a dependency claim as part of a family and potential claims by the “adult child”.

  • Bringing an action on behalf of a child in a fatal case
  • When the child is the only dependant. How does the court approach damages?
  • When the child has to move household – the complex legal issues
  • How are damages assessed if the dead parent provided poor care?
  • What is the position when there are “two families”?
  • “Does the adult child” have a claim?
  • Apportionment of damages and child claimants

The webinar will include an outline of the relevant case law and legal principles.

It will also provide a useful checklist and questionnaire of the specific matters that litigators need to consider in relation to children and fatal accident litigation.

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